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Meet Our Team

David Engel


David Engel serves as Full Moon Real Estate Investment's CEO/President and Chief Investment Officer. Engel is responsible for (i) identifying jurisdictions (US states and foreign countries) for strategic investment, (ii) conducting financial and valuation assessments of target real estate developments and investments, (iii) navigating jurisdictional and compliance nuances for assessing speed to market and implementing various sales strategies, (iv) sourcing,  structuring

structuring and negotiating debt and equity deal structures, (v) raising debt and equity investment capital from accredited investors and institutional investors, and (vi) positioning and developing international pharmaceutical distributors and brands with related real estate facilities which are EU GMP certified for a roll-up to implement on a public market liquidity event.


Engel is the CEO/President of Full Moon Real Estate Investments. Engel also owns an API company, Medicine Wheel Ranch, Inc., which has approximately 950 of the highest-quality APIs.


Engel’s company High Yield Capital LLC is an Issuer that originates 506 (b) high coupon debt and other instruments that support the development and buildout of Full Moon Real Estate Investments internationally focused GACP/EU GMP certified facilities. Engel has been actively investing in the pharmaceutical space since 2014.  Engel has sponsored private placements that have investment interests in companies throughout the world, including Spain and Columbia, SA. Since 2018, Engel has raised and invested more than $135M in specialty real estate development and related operating companies.


Full Moon owns Spanish API licensee, Ondara Directorship S.L. (“Ondara”), which was granted the authorization to create Pharmaceutical APIs by the Spanish Medicines Agency “AEMPS” which is the Spanish equivalent of the FDA  in the United States. Ondara has GACP Certification. Production is carried out in a company-owned, state-of-the-art 1,650,000 square foot, Dutch-designed and equipped, five-year-old glass greenhouse located North of Madrid Spain. Post-harvest processing is performed in Ondara’s EU GMP clean room facilities. In July 2023, Ondara and prospective distributors and branded lessees of Full Moon Real Estate Investments will begin perpetually manufacturing GACP and EU GMP APIs with the highest quality exclusive ingredients.


Over the last 25 years, Engel has completed dozens of debt and equity capital engagements and raises totaling in excess of $500M in a variety of industries. These capital engagements and raises have included debt and equity capital, construction loans, refinancing, debt restructuring and workouts, and recapitalizations. 


Engel was formerly a Principal and shareholder of Homrich Berg Wealth Management, a Barron’s Top 50 Wealth Management firm in Atlanta, Georgia. At Homrich Berg, Engel was responsible for a $125M personal client discretionary portfolio of liquid and illiquid investment assets. Engel presently serves as Chief Investment Officer, CFO, and Managing Member of Extra Brilliant Group Management, which is engaged in the development of Class “A” self-storage and multifamily properties in South Carolina. 


Engel is a CFA. Engel received his B.S. in Mathematics, and MBA with a concentration in finance from the University of South Carolina.

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